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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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are working to figure out what the big ball of fire was that soared over northern california causing a loud boom. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. it was seen from monterey to mendocino and east to sacramento. alan wang is live at the space and science center in oakland with the story. alan? >> and there were several astronomers here tonight hosting an event. they were so busy speaking to the guests that they missed the excitement. there were plenty of people who saw it and some who took pictures. these are photos taken by a very alert guy.
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he said he was watching a girls soccer game when he saw this thing streak across the sky at a low altitude and followed by a loud boom. we spoke to several people who saw it in oakland's jack london square around 7:45. we will hear from them followed by an astronomer who tells us what it really was. >> looked over and saw a crescent-shaped object. as it went away it started getting larger. it was expanding. >> i can't really describe exactly what i seen, but it was something abnormal. >> how long did it last? >> i just seen two seconds. >> i am not sure if it was a meteor or not. a meteor drops out of the sky. this thing was going sideways and across the sky. to say it was a meteor, i don't know. >> you saw a small piece of rock and metal from the asteroid belt crash through
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the layers of the earth's atmosphere setting the air on fire in its wake. little pieces of it as it broke up and probably crashed in the hills north of hill. north of here. you may have even heard a sonic boom as it crashed the speed of sound. >> so it was a meteor that crashed into the hills around martinez. astronomers say it is not rare. in fact, 15,000 pounds of space material crashes into the earth every year, but it is not often that it happens over a densly populated area. it came into the atmosphere doing 25,000 miles, but it slowed down and hit at 300 miles per hour. it was a meteor that lit up the sky tonight and even caused a sonic boom. i'm alan wang reporting live from the science center in oakland, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. and as you would expect, the fireball is trending on twitter with scores of people saying they witnessed the
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spectacle. it was a picture perfect night for a meteor citing. sighting. sandhya patel is here with more. >> indeed it was a picture perfect night. the american meteor society logged dozens of reports of this meteor sighting. this picture was sent to you report and you can see the streak of light there. this is in roanoke park and it had me out of my seat. this is no joke. he is referring to the meteor. "it rattled the house in belmont" and as we check out doppler 7hd why this was the case. it was still clear tonight, and we are in for another warm to hot afternoon tomorrow. red flag warnings are going. i'll be back to talk more about that and let you know when some big changes will be coming in a few minutes. >> sandhya, thanks. we want to see your videos and photos.
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you can e-mail them at you report at or share them with us at news or on twitter at abc7 news bay area. we posted a slide show for you as well. that's on >> pretty neat pictures. a tough break for the giants in st. louis. after a lengthy rain delay they lost to the cardinals 3-1. >> st. louis leads the series now 2-1. larry beil is here with the tough loss. >> it is no fun. you have to sit through the rain delay and the rain delay is longer than the game itself, and then you lose that game. that's the way it went for the giants in game three of the national league championship series. matt holiday uh will poo. >>ed for -- apologized. high, deep and aloha. and then run for your doppler.
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a three-hour, 28-minute rain delay. they came back out to the eighth in the 9th. a 3-1 cardinals win. and they take a 2-1 series lead. there is the tarp rolled up. traveling with the giants in st. louis, wayne freedman. make that a soggy wayne freedman. >> it took six hours -- well, six and a half hours. 3-1 is the final score. this sea of red, and the giants fans are not giving up. >> too many hits and few runs. but we will make it up. >> steve shea and michael jessop were not alone, but almost. giants fans a few specs of orange in a moving sea of red. among those giants fans was john from san jose. >> no way i was going to let 2,000 miles come between me and a playoff game. >> he got his money's worth. a light drizzle fell through batting practice, but serious rain held off.
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here is the front and now reality complete with thunder, lightning and rain drops that kept falling on our heads, on the turf, on the infield and on the seats. give credit where it is due to the st. louis cardinals fans. >> we will stay here until whatever it takes to finish the game. >> thank goodness it started so early. we needed every minute. abc7 news. >> we'll get them next time. here is the lineup for the next two games. game four is tomorrow at 5:07 pacific time. and game 5 is 5:07 as well on friday. a doctor who ran a major health plan for employees is accused of running an illegal prescription drug operation. and the case against the doctor may also include underage sex and child pornography. abc7 news reporter john alston is live where the doctor will appear in court tomorrow. john? >> he will face a judge and
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hear the charges against him. tonight he is free on $1 million bail, and the subject of what could be a growing investigation . all quiet at the estate belonging to the former medical director of the valley health plan. prosecutors say behind this gate was a drug operation run by 61-year-old marvin bonam who was not taking questions today. >> this is david louie with abc7. can we talk to you for a second? >> even though he was an administrator who did not see patients, investigate you ares say he wrote many prescriptions. >> he had prescribed 29 different individuals over 111 prescriptions of typically abused substances. >> sky 7hd was above his home in the los gatos hills where authorities served a search warrant two weeks ago. they found weapons, burnt foil used to smoke oxycontin and a marijuana grow. they add there were surveillance cameras in some of the rooms.
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investigators are looking into possible child pornography and illegal activity with teenage boys. bonam's roommate was arrested on drug charges. authorities first looked into it in 2005 when a worker at the storage facility reported possible drug activity. the prosecutor was unable to make a case and no charges were filed. this time a computer tracking system found many of the prescriptions went to people with drug arrest records. >> seeing that many of the individuals had criminal histories including drug arrest and arrest for drug sales, that set off all of the flags. >> the prosecutor said the investigation began when parents reported they found their son with one of dr. bonam's prescriptions. we have made attempts to reach the attorney of dr. bonam and have not heard back. his last day with the county was last week. in san jose, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. new at 11:00, oakland
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police could look to the county or the state to help patrol the city streets. the city needs help with major crimes, up 20% this year. police chief howard jordan told the city council he would like to temporarily hire officers from other agencies to fill the gaps. oakland is training new officers a the a police academy class now. however, they won't be ready for the streets until march. oakland police are hoping a newly released surveillance video will jog the memory of those who saw the man who murdered the victim. he accidentally taped the car in front of him seen here while parallel parking. the two people inside that car then confronted butler inside this store and then followed and killed him a block away. a $25,000 reward has been posted for the arrest and conviction of those responsible. a man accused of trying to blowup the federal reserve building in new new york city is under arrest. they nabbed him this morning. they say he tried to detonate a van outside the federal
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reserve building with what he thought were explosives. they were actually fakes sold to him by an undercover agent. the federal reserve building is just three blocks from ground zero. new york's police commissioner says the arrest shows the city is very much a target more than a decade after 9/11. >> we are still very much a coveted target by terrorists of the -- terrorists. they say new york is at the top of the list in this country. and this just reuh officials that. >> he is here on a student visa. he spent one comesser at southeast university. he claim i had to have a -- he claimed to have a link to al-qaeda. >> up next, the bay area girl who survived a life-threatening disease. >> ♪ i want to know >> now she is a youtube sensation. tonight she will talk to abc7 news about her sudden success. >> also here last night the presidential debate and the mitt romney comment that launched a million tweets.
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>> and look out below. a plane heading into retirement nearly takes out some of the people waiting for its arrival.
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a young girl with a life-threatening medical condition pulled through the crisis and discovered her passion for singing in the process. now that she is on the road to recovery, her music career is taking off. leslie brinkley has the story from stanford. >> by day, 10-year-old regan sings. >> ♪ i want to know why ♪ there are shooting stars >> ♪ i want to know when >> reporter: but overnight she is a youtube sensation. >> it went up four days ago, and it already has 37,000 views which is amazing. i didn't know it would have that many views. i guess it is just my friends and family of the. >> i think more than just that. >> just a few years ago regan was diagnosed with a platelet disorder that threatened her world. >> chronic itp.
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that's what regan had. it went on beyond a year and made a big difference in her life. she restricted her activities. >> the fear, and it does happen, was tabling -- bleeding in the head. >> she endured therapy at children's hospital at stanford. finally she had her spleen removed and started to recover rediscovering her love of singing. a music producer helped concoct this music video. >> she made it up on the spot. she did all of the harmonies herself. >> so regan is beating the odds yet again with another goal. >> i really want to go to med school and be a surgeon, but also on the weekend i i want to sing. >> and the prognosis is good for her. >> she will have a nice, long singing career.
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>> leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> by the way, regan is donating awful of the profits from the sale of her song to pediatric cancer and blood diseases at lucille packard children's hospital. people are still talking about last night's debate and mitt romney's comment about binders full of women. it has gone viral on the inter thet. he used the phrase in response to a question about equal pay for women. >> i went to a number of women's groups and said, can you help us find folks? i brought binders full of women. >> someone launched a tumbler page with a picture of hugh hefner standing next to bookcases with binders and another with a smiling picture of bill clinton, and then this one of oprah winfrey's caption, just try to put me in a binder. the final debate is set for monday in boca raton, florida with the topic being foreign policy. we will daughter at monday at
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-- monday night. >> you can seat 49ers and the seahawks. it features jerry rice and brent jones. game time is 5:00. and we will give away the $49,000 on after the game with larry and shu. >> someone is going to win that. let's talk about the weather. it is going to be nice. >> really warm for the game. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> pick tour -- picture perfect. let's look at the highs for today. it was warm, no doubt about it. san francisco 82. 89 in santa rosa. clear lake got up to 88 in concord, 85 in oakland. moffett field, 87. it was definitely beach weather. 84 degrees in santa cruz. we are going for another warm to hot day. with this heat there is low humidity and gusty winds. for the north bay mountains and the diablo range, the
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northerly winds gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. it is drying out the atmosphere. the relative humidity running low. 15 to 30%, and that spells high fire danger. this is the time of year when we are very concerned. should just be aware of it. this is the moon over the golden gate bridge. it sent in by one of our viewers. we will be seeing ootle -- another spectacular night. as we check out live doppler 7hd, it is clear across the entire bay area which is why so many people had the meteor sight ing. it is taking place right now and it peaks this weekend. but the weather will be changing as we hit the weekend. temperatures are mainly 50s and 60s. we have 71 in fremont and look at half moon bay, cool 48 degrees in comparison. red flag warning overnight. looking at a much cooler weekend as we head into the weekend and beyond that. we will be bringing in rain.
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higher pressure and the dry wind will continue overnight. this just means fire danger is elevated to thursday morning. we will see perfect conditions for the 49ers as they host the seahawks. 75 at kickoff and 66 at 8:20. i would say short sleeves and shorts would do it. it is going to be great looking weather for the game. clear and mild tomorrow morning for most of the bay area. mainly 50s except half moon bay to the upper 40s. tomorrow afternoon, 87 in the south bay and san jose, cupertino, 85 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula, mid80s. half moon bay, 76 degrees. 80 in downtown san francisco. 75 in the sunset district. gets you up into the north bay, and it will be a warm day. 86 in santa rosa. east bay communities, you are all in the 80s. 82 in oakland. you want to feel the heat? it is summer-like. 90 for walnut creek, and for the monterey bay, 81 in santa
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cruz. accu-weather seven-day forecast featuring heat again inland tomorrow. we will cool it off for friday. low 60s to 70s for the weekend. and then our live doppler 7hd may be tracking rain monday through wednesday. not tracking rain just yet. we are actually keeping an eye on the 49er sweep stakes. abc7 will give away $49,000. the winner will be announced right here on abc7 tomorrow. you can enter through our facebook page. go to news and click on the win $49,000. that will take you to the on-line form. after you enter you can take a moment to tell us your plans for all that cash. elizabeth said she would expand her business by hiring three new employees. she said buy my family a house and donate to charity. >> let's win niners! she would pay bills and then take
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my sons on a nice vacation to europe. they get a's so this would be a special present to them. some lucky winner will win. we wish them luck. mike is here from 4:30 to 7:00 tracking weather changes for the big game tomorr
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take a look. a close call at an airshow in germany. >> military officials were showing off a de commissioned plane. >> that's when the 64,000-pound aircraft landed and nearly clipped people standing in its path. the plane bounced a few times and came within a few feet of the onlookers. >> scary, but thankfully no one was injured. time for sports. >> larry beil is here. >> you remember this. eddie rabbit once had a hit song called "i love a rainy night." the giants do not share that sentiment. here comes timmy to the rescue.
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good evening. the cardinals are reining world series champions and raining was the key word. there was a soggy game 3 and the rain delay lasted longer than the game itself. he was looking over to see if he was okay after the nasty collision in game two. he played and got two hits. scoreless until the third. the fielder's choice and pagan scores with unh of 0 giants. but that's all they got tonight. matt carpenter filling in who left with a strained knee. and he is gone. two-run blast. carpenter was five for five against matt cane and put the cards up 2-1. bottom of seven and bases loaded. robinson with a grounder to scootero. another one scores 3-1 and that that was it for cane. they came back out, but giants did not threaten after that. cardinals had their own version of fear the beard. 3-1 st. louis as they take a 2-1 series lead.
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>> would have loved to get this game obviously. we were not anal >> we were mott able to get it done. >> we were not able to get that one more hit that would have done a lot damage. you get guys on base and that's what you are hoping to do. >> tim lincecum will go tomorrow for the giants in game four. game four alcs and tigers-yankees rained out. the 9ers and seahawks meet tomorrow night for thursday night football. first place in the nfc west. seahawks and arizona are 4 and 2. seattle better than expected. they had the controversial win with the replacement refs doing their job over the packers, and then they beat the patriots at home. a tough turn around week for both clubs on a short week of preparation. >> we know as a team they are going to come in here. if we do that, we will be fine. >> the big game is this saturday. cal hosting stanford.
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they held the luncheon featuring the comedy of bob sarlot. >> we are celebrating one of history's greatest rivalries up there with alien versus predator. he is the highest paid employee. >> when asked why the kicker, he explained that italy is the only in the shape of a boot. >> it is hard to follow him, by the way. abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> he is a fungi. "nightline" is up next. >> thanks for joining us. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> for larry beil, sandhya patel and all of us here
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